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StartOptions Rating Score – 78/100

  • Usability 7/10
  • No. of Assets 6/10
  • Expiry Range of Options 3/10
  • Effective Return 9/10
  • Languages 10/10
  • Fees/Commissions 9/10
  • Loyalty Offers 9/10
  • Payment Methods 8/10
  • Support Quality 9/10
  • Website Extras 8/10

Traders can trade binary options in various languages with this platform. StartOptions was established in 2010. It is a white label of TradeSmarter, a world famous binary options platform provider. The platform is catered to all trading levels and it is easy to use. This broker’s platform is 100% web-based, meaning you may trade from any computer.

The StartOptions platform is unique and the maximum amount of funds you can trade per option is $2000. The return rate for in the money is 75% and for out of the money is 10%. This broker is known for honesty and integrity with its customers.

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